Two and a quarter minutes with Sir Nicholas Wall
The most senior family judge in England and Wales, Sir Nicholas Wall, says divorcing parents too often use the courts system as a 'battleground'.

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  1. The confused and contradictory position taken by Sir Nicholas Wall on 'Payne v Payne' is plainly highlighted in the comments section of the following link:

    Even experienced family lawyers criticised Wall's illogical position and called for an explanation:

    Now that Wall has retired, perhaps he will have the courtesy finally to give that full explanation.

    Between February 2010 and July 2011, many so-called 'non-primary' parents had their children removed overseas due to the continued implementation of Payne v Payne, despite the fact that they had had 'shared care arrangements' in place.

    These parents - of whom I am one - would be very grateful for a full and comprehensive explanation.

    It may help us to come to terms with the loss of the meaningful relationship we once had with our children.

    Bruno D’Itri