Financial Agreements

In the last two months Divorce Without Pain has received a series of requests to help draft written agreements for financial settlements. Of note, the parties themselves had already reached agreement without outside help, and in particular, without lawyers. They had either sat down together, or written to each other setting out what they considered fair and reasonable, then made the adjustments that are possible when you are saving legal costs.

In each case, the proposals that were being put forward were exactly what a court would have ordered. Some needed a little fine tuning, but essentially they were sound given the court's criteria .

This approach is only possible where the expectations of both parties are shared and reasonable. But our  experience tells us that this is certainly not an unusual event. When asked about how they reached agreement, one couple said "Why pay £180 per hour for someone to write letters for you"..."we wrote our own letters, sat on them for a couple of days, and then sent them if they still appeared ok".

Well, it worked for them, and in fact it worked for us at 'Divorce Without Pain'. We were able to translate what they wanted into the right form of words to create sensible agreements that could, if necessary, be enforced in the courts. In one case, the task was so simple that it was achieved without charge.

So, when separating and wondering what to do, take heart. It is possible to make sensible arrangements that you both can live with, without going down the road of issuing proceedings in court.

If you would like to know more, contact us at 'Divorce Without Pain', and we can give you the steer that may save time, money and stress - and perhaps leave you in a position where you can get on with the rest of your life, rather than spending it in a court waiting room.

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